So we went out with our pal Joey and our resident horny bitch Iman for some fresh ass. We drove up to our local community college and tried to get a few pieces of ass in the van. The first one recognized us and basically ran away when she say the big hair on Ugly. But there was a busty looking blonde who was walking behind her so we jumped on that shit. Now she looked right through Ugly and me like we were windows because she caught a glimpse of Iman in the back seat. This girl was obviously a horny dike and wanted to plug up a few of Iman's juicy holes. We get Iman to show her she was game so that was all it took to get this hooch on the bus. Of course we like to see bitches licking box but it just isn't the same as when then get trenched by a big meat pole so without further ado, I invite you to watch as we twist it all around and before Sasha even knows it she trades a piece of chocolate ass for a fat stick of fleash. Enjoy
bbsasha_02005.jpg bbsasha_02006.jpg

Its amazing what a girl do for a dollar...
Taking Prostitution to a whole new fucking level! you wont believe what this chicks do for money.

Theres a sterotype that blondes are slutty dumb, well we good proof that they really are!
see the videos
Jugde for yourself!

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