bstamymast001.jpg bstamymast002.jpg bstamymast003.jpg bstamymast004.jpg
Meet Tamy, we found her
on campus
Our first impression of her
was DAMN! this girl is hot
we already know whats goin down HAHAHA
Ok Amy was Confuse at
first with our camera and shit
I guess you can say Ugly
came to the rescue
bstamymast005.jpg bstamymast006.jpg bstamymast007.jpg bstamymast008.jpg
After a few jokes Tamy
was feeling comfortable and thats what
we want :)
After that she has no
problem following us...
yea she knows shes gonna
get stuffed heheh
Heres a shot were
trying to shoot up
her skirt
After about 30 minute
we finally got her to take her clothes off
bstamymast009.jpg bstamymast010.jpg bstamymast011.jpg bstamymast012.jpg
Just like everygirl,
sweet, 19 will always
be shy at first
Heres a nice shot of Tamy
playing with her pussy
Have you ever seen a nicer piece of
fucking ass?!
Heres another good shot
bstamymast013.jpg bstamymast014.jpg bstamymast015.jpg bstamymast016.jpg
A nice closeup of Tamy
Pussy sweett :-)
Amy was a perfect
set of boob doen't she?
Heres a great masterbation
pic again
Hey where are you going? its
not over yet!

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